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Firecat Masquerade. [03 Oct 2007|12:07am]



Just a brief note, to introduce myself and promote what we do.  I hope people are interested. :)


Firecat-Masquerade is run by Dominic Carroll - fine entertainer, craftsman and now entrepreneur, to promote his own skills and the skills of a network of fine entertainers.

If you're interested in made-to-measure Carnivale masks or high-quality performance art for an event or party, please: Email Him or contact him using the details at the bottom of the page, and he'll be happy to discuss the project.

As well as making quality bespoke carnival masks to your own brief, Firecat Masquerade provides :

  • Entertainers for clubs, gigs, parties and festivals
  • A number of talented performers and contacts
  • Everything from stilt walking to horror magic; singers; models; events organisers; storytellers; musicians and dancers

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the green fairy [13 Oct 2005|11:00am]

© Yaniv Lazimy: Photographer

delicate MICH blog

This is an image of me doing a fan dance in the classic Burlesque style within a video projection. The title is "ODE: Anamnesis"

x-posted to absinthelovers & live_art
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silent movie stars [21 Dec 2004|09:20am]


theda bara<3

barbara la marr

gloria swanson

clara bow

post inspired by: Vivat Vamp!
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[28 Nov 2004|01:25am]

can anyone recommend good recordings of violin music (on CD) that are not too hard to find? they can be by any performer and any composer. the music doesn't have to have been composed in the 19th century, but i am partial to 19th century styles and/or aesthetics.

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[18 Nov 2004|10:32am]


the fox theater in fullerton is saved!!!!!

this theater which plays an integral part in not only my history and fullerton history but hollywood history has been saved from demolition from an evil developer!!! built in 1925 by architects meyer and holler who also built the egyptian theater, the chinese theater, and the hollywood atheletic club in hollywood; the fox was used for screenings up until the late eighties. the fullerton historic theater foundation needed to raise 3.5 million dollars by tomorrow to save it from destruction. two days ago an anonymous donor gave the foundation a 700,000 dollar cashier's check which put them way over the needed 3.5 million dollar mark. the theater is now sold to the preservation society and it's now time for restoration! this theater is fullerton's only saving grace and more money is now needed for restoration. donate at www.savethefox.org

reasons why the theater had to be saved:

-Another special feature of the theatre is six large murals created by Anthony Heinsbergen and Company, one of the foremost building decor firms of the era. The firm’s work includes art at Los Angeles City Hall, the Biltmore Hotel, and the Wiltern Theatre. (Interestingly, Fullerton is becoming known as a destination for mural art due to its unique historic and contemporary mural works. If restored, the Fox murals would pre-date all others in the city.)

-When it opened, the Italian Renaissance-inspired Theatre was the show place of Orange County, representing the height of Hollywood glamour and sophistication. It was the largest structure of its kind in northern Orange County, and was an integral element in the social fabric of downtown life, where people gathered for news, entertainment, and socializing.

-It has been recently discovered that the building decorator for the theatre was John Gabriel Beckman, who was then working for Meyer and Holler. He was responsible for the elaborate artwork in both lobbies, and the design for the original curtains. He went on to design the extensive mural work at the Avalon Casino, and later became a set designer for Paramount Pictures.

-Other special features of the theatre are the large, handcrafted wrought-iron chandeliers, dimensional plasterwork, and hand-stenciled artwork throughout the building. Unlike most older theatres, the original proscenium (stage opening) has been protected for decades by drapery, and is intact. Original dressing rooms and an orchestra pit are also in place, as well as “lofts” for a pipe organ, which could be replaced by a donation offered by the Orange County Theatre Organ Society. The outdoor rooftop scaffolding sign is unique as it was originally lit, not by neon, but by dozens of incandescent light bulbs.

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Cabaret Verdalet Celebrates 1920s Manhattan [03 Oct 2004|12:55am]

[ mood | tipsy ]

For anyone is San Francisco on Sun Oct 10th (that's next weekend), please check out a great line-up! It is cabaret at its finest!!

Featuring such acts: the world-famous Catherine D'Lish with the music of Vinsantos & A Sixth Toe, the spooky chanteuse Jill Tracy, the energetic The Lollies, and ten other great acts!!

The venue is the absolutely gorgeous (just did a walk-through Weds) Ruby Sky theater (downtown)... so please pass on the word. Support your local burlesque dancers, comedians, musicians and magicians! ... Thank You!!

More information on the website... http://www.verdalet.com

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[31 Aug 2004|01:33pm]


Come to the Ultra-Lounge-


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Old but still healthy. [16 Aug 2004|10:37am]

[ mood | amused ]

[I'm a newbie; I hope this post is appropriate]

This was taken from an article in the natural health journal, Alive, February 2004.

In 1964, [Norman] Cousins was hospitalized with... ankylosing spindylitis, a... disease that can actually fuse the bones of the spine. With the connective tissue in his spine disintegrating, within a week he was barely able to move. Doctors gave him a one-in-five-hundred chance of making a ful recovery...
Taking matters into his own hands, he checked himself out of the hospital and into a hotel where... he... watched Marx Brothers' films, and lauged himself to sleep every night. Within eight days, he made an astounding recovery and was able to return to work.

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body contest [15 Aug 2004|12:21am]


women posing for a 'cutest body' contest, naturally they had bags over their head so the judges didnt get distracted by such a silly thing as the face....
just imagine entering a contest where men are supposed to stare at your chest...

the lucky lady who got first place

...photos circa 1932
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Jacques Brel [13 Aug 2004|07:17pm]

Anyone else a fan of this man? He's a lovely French songwriter, his music is so passionate and gorgeous. I believe he was also a director and poet. He was big in the 40s & 50s.

I have an mp3 of his uploaded to my site so you may download it here.
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buster keaton [12 Aug 2004|11:40am]

i first saw keaton at the art gallery last year and instantly fell in love; my friend and i sat upstairs at the showing of 'the general' for what seemed like a few minutes which later turned out to be hours.

after that i borrowed a bunch of his videos from the library and another friend of mine and i would watch them on friday afternoons; i am quite sure we were one of the only girls at my silly high school to be watching black and white films on fridays after school...

his work is charming, delightful, etc, & i'm always so enamoured with his stunts & the adorable characters he plays, although i have done a little research and know that characters are all they ever were...

anyway, i'm sure you don't need me rambling on like so! watch his films/shorts if you haven't already - i'm sure there must be keaton fans in here somewhere.

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[09 Aug 2004|11:33am]

last night i just watched for the first time the german expressionist film Pandora's Box... starring none other than the vivacious yet volatile louise brooks

if you have not already seen this film i highly recommend it (given you are not silent film phobic)....the high contrast black and white film is gorgeous and the music, i feel, is reason enough to go rent it...

here is a sound clip of the main music theme of the movie, i am just absolutely in love with it

music link

has anyone else seen this film? what did you think of it?

a reminder to all that......though this is not an exclusively an old cinema community....feel free to share screenshots or reviews of old movies you have seen or are curious about seeing
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[31 Jul 2004|06:24pm]

i really wish high tea were more common, that it was something that most people practiced......it would be nice to have that time where people got dressed up and sat down to a nice tea with their friends or family and just kind of relaxed for a bit over steaming drinks and scones with jam and clotted cream and whatnot....

does anyone know anything about the old russian tea rituals? the contraption for russian tea is quite interesting looking

this was prompted by the community ad for teafancies....

i like her tea finger in this painting
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[27 Jul 2004|08:15pm]


many more trash novels..Collapse )
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[26 Jul 2004|10:50pm]

oh man, how i love arthur rackham, one of my favourite illustrators....up there with edward gorey....but yes....
some of my favourite old alice and wonderland illustrations....i love old picturebooks, there is something very alluring and innocent about them regardless of their generally morbid nature (brothers grimm anyone?)
anyway, enjoy....

more of alice's adventuresCollapse )
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teafancies [26 Jul 2004|12:08pm]

 title or description

please join teafancies if you love teas, tea parties, european cafes, victorian antiquity, vintage art, and all things lovely.
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the umbrellas of cherbourg [20 Jul 2004|09:20pm]


"People only die of love in movies"
I love this movie

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Why, that's the cutest ruthless ruler of a fiend's paradise of torture I've ever seen [17 Jul 2004|09:52pm]

Those awesome trashy novel covers reminded me of these pulpy lobby cards from one of my favorite movies, Island of Doomed Men (a very poorly-written action film from 1940 that would be in MST3K if it wasn't for Peter Lorre playing the lead in it).

More shameless sensationalismCollapse )

The funny part is that the movie wasn't really much like the advertising. Peter doesn't even get to flog anybody.
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a hardy AMEN [17 Jul 2004|04:15pm]

[ mood | a frazzled dazzled ]

8 more, ah-sistahs'n'brothas!Collapse )
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[16 Jul 2004|05:46pm]


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